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This is a good, quality, creative, and, most importantly, enjoyable flash!

While each of the trilogy was good, I most appreciated the piggie bank one. Having a piggie bank feel responsible for its contents was ingenious. Rob a bank? Spectacular.

Good work guys!

Pretty sweet. I like it.

And thanks for using my music!

FossilClam responds:

Thank you! And thank you for letting me use it.

Haha. Nice.

I laughed a good deal at this. It has acceptable animation for the topic. Very funny. Good job!

Anco6900 responds:

Thank you :)

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I like the music!!!!

Cool game!

Pretty sweet game. Like the art style and gameplay (albeit a bit too short). ;)

OH, thanks a ton for featuring my music in your game! ;)

Wiesi responds:

Hey thanks a lot for the review! Your music is awesome!!

Perhaps a bit short, but...

Very well done. This has a nice spooky atmosphere. Good images, sounds, and plot.

Minor critiques are that the puzzles are slightly too easy, and some of the written portion in the books is silly (I.E. "Extremely illegal").

Overall, very well done. Keep it up.

assjoe responds:

Thank you very much!

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I just heard this song in the game 8-bit God of War. I love it. Very good/catchy song.

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Like it well.

Don't care if it is straightforward or not, it is great. I like the art style, and you have used it masterfully here. It looks wonderful.

I wish you had a high res scan of it though.

Good Work!

5/5 10/10 (Favorited).


Worms and Earthworm Jim in one place? Unbelievable! I love Earthworm Jim, and I love Worms... Simply put, an amazing picture. I will need to save this one.

In regards to quality, you've done very well. It has good detail, nice shading, and smooth coloration. Excellently done!

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