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FlipWillie's Medals

Total Medals Earned: 14 (From 6 different games.)
Total Medal Score: 85 Points

Darnell's Recount

Floatin Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
Master the Fire Flip.
The Election Unlocked 4/30/09
5 Points
View the intro movie.
DownForwardPunch 5 Points View the COMBOS page.
Teh Intran3tz 5 Points Visit the links page.
Evil Dead 10 Points Get your chainsaw on!
Medication 10 Points Drink the mystery potion.
SupaSpy 25 Points Find all 6 secret areas.
Thanks... 25 Points Light Zit Boy's Cigarette.
Toasty 25 Points Light up 10 enemies with the FireBreath attack.
Animal Control 50 Points Fix the rodent problem in the Boiler Room.
Recount 50 Points Defeat the class president.
UberPWNT 50 Points Shut down the UberBot.
Yes We Can! 50 Points Beat the game.
Must be the Afro. 100 Points Beat the game without dying.

Medals Earned: 2/14 (10/415 points)

Portal Defenders

First Blood Unlocked 3/5/09
5 Points
Hit your first enemy.
Jump-Man Unlocked 3/5/09
5 Points
Press the jump button to take flight!.
Big Fuzzy Hug 5 Points Defeat BigFuzzyKitten.
Exasperated 5 Points View the game walkthrough.
Konami 5 Points Toggle Halloween Mode on or off.
Chamber Maid 10 Points Defeat Mindchamber.
Fishmonger 10 Points Defeat Psycho-Goldfish.
ZAMBONI 10 Points Get 80% or more on P-bot's cleanup mini-game.
Ambiguous Duo 25 Points Defeat Stamper & Jeff.
BFFs 25 Points Best Friends Forever! Beat the game with both Tom and Dan.
Hollow Weiner 25 Points Beat the game in Halloween Mode.
Nose Diver 25 Points View every game-over ending (1 for each wave).
Zombiieez! 25 Points Eat 5 brains in one game.
Finesser 50 Points Beat the game without using bombs.
King of the Portal 50 Points Send the game's final boss back to the abyss.
Kitty Litter 50 Points Defeat the Kitty Krew without taking any damage.
Vegan 50 Points Beat the game without eating any guts.
Over-achiever 100 Points Beat the game at least once with all 6 characters.
BoM-nivore Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Creditz Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Doer of Radical Wrong Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Juggler Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!
Horde Fighter Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/23 (10/540 points)

Super Grower

1 Unlocked 10/8/18
5 Points
4 Unlocked 10/8/18
5 Points
8 5 Points 8
12 10 Points 12
16 10 Points 16
20 10 Points 20
24 25 Points 24
28 25 Points 28
32 50 Points 32
36 50 Points 36
40 100 Points 40

Medals Earned: 2/11 (10/295 points)

The Cloud

Monday Unlocked 7/30/17
5 Points
Finish Monday.
Tuesday Unlocked 7/30/17
5 Points
Finish Tuesday.
Wednesday Unlocked 7/30/17
5 Points
Finish Wednesday.
Thursday 10 Points Finish Thursday.
Friday 25 Points Finish Friday.
Tunnels 50 Points There's not always a light on the other end.

Medals Earned: 3/6 (15/100 points)


Ace of Spades Unlocked 4/2/16
5 Points
Get a single spade in a spin
HUGE LOSER! Unlocked 4/2/16
10 Points
Lose all your credits.
Three's Company Unlocked 4/2/16
10 Points
Win with three hearts.
Too Wild 5 Points Get two wilds in a single spin.
10k 25 Points Reach $10,000 in credit.
Four's a Crowd 25 Points Win with four angry faces.
Good Signal! 25 Points Win with 5 rows of platinum bars.
Keep it 100 25 Points Get 100 spins in a single game.
Six Dollar Burger 50 Points Win with 6 rows of cash.
Jackpot!!!! 100 Points Win the Jackpot
Lucy in the Sky 100 Points Win with 7 rows of diamonds

Medals Earned: 3/11 (25/380 points)

Typing Rampage

First Game Unlocked 10/8/18
5 Points
Play your first game.
Streak of 20 Unlocked 10/8/18
10 Points
Get a streak of 20.
More Great Games 5 Points Check out some awesome games.
No Mistakes 25 Points A perfect game.
Smash 250 Keys 25 Points Smash 250 keys in Keyboard Smash.
100 WPM 50 Points The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog.
1000 Coin Game 50 Points Get 1000 coins in one game.
Attack 125 Letters 50 Points Attack 125 letters in attack mode.
Buy All Upgrades 50 Points Upgrade to the max, bro.
Streak of 30 50 Points Get a streak of 30.
Survive 80 Seconds 50 Points Survive 80 seconds in Typing Hero.
Secret Mode Secret Medal: Unlock this medal to view its details!

Medals Earned: 2/12 (15/470 points)